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Sabbath Streams Ministries BrochureSabbath Streams is a ministry of worship and teaching focused on understanding from the perspective of grace – the richness and depth of life found in the law (teaching) of God, through practical observances of the Moedim (appointed times and seasons), the practice of a Davidic worship as led by Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit), and teachings centered on the full Word of God, the Tanach (Old Covenant Scriptures) and the Apostolic Writings (New Covenant Scriptures), seeking the fruit that can develop in us as we reconnect to the roots of our faith.

What we mean when we say we are...

1) A ministry of teaching and encouragement: This names our primary motivational gifts to the Body of Christ.  We are teachers and encouragers. No matter what we do, we find ourselves functioning in these gifts.  As we prepare a Shabbat seder, we look for ways we can communicate truths to build up and bring a renewed excitement for living as a believer.  As we prepare the menu suggestions, we find ourselves wanting to explain "kosher," not just suggest menu guidelines for a shabbat meal.  We teach, and we just can't help ourselves ---

2) Focused on understanding from the perspective of grace: Our focus is to see Jesus, not to argue details of law. Hence, we are not what many would consider as “Torah observant” in lifestyle or teaching. As “Gentiles" grafted into the blessings, we simply seek to understand those blessings more fully. When we teach on halacha (walking out Torah) it is with an eye to understanding the why of the instruction as much as it is to see the how to put it into practice. But each of us is responsible to God, not to us, for what we do with this understanding.. 

3) The richness and depth of life found in the law of God: There is such depth in God and in His Word.   Superficial acknowledgement is not enough for us.  We are searching out those things which have been pushed aside to see what the truth is about, "Hath God not said . . . ." We have noticed a tendency to ignore that which is not  understood --- it is easier to say, that was the old and this is the new, but there is truth in the Law of God. David said, "Your law is life." Either David was wrong or we have been missing something.

4) Through practical observances of the Moedim (appointed times and seasons): It is not enough to teach from a purely theoretical perspective about the festivals of God. Here we want to offer a full practical experience: "Taste and see that the Lord is good."

5) The practice of a Davidic worship as led by Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit): In David’s tabernacle ANYONE could enter the presence of God. All were able to worship before the Ark of the Covenant. The professional musicians provided a background where anyone could participate in worship. Their presence was not an exclusionary one. We encourage active participation in worship by all who will come, not just the few on the stage.

6) Teachings and guided discussions: Sometimes teachings will take the form of concentrated preaching, i.e. prepared messages that present a truth revealed to an individual by the Spirit. Sometimes teachings will be more like a "Beit Midrash," where we come, we read a text, and we "kibbitz" (discuss enthusiastically) this text from various perspectives, opening the dialogue for a wider, fuller understanding than may have been previously entertained.

7)  Centered on the full Word of God, the Tanach (Old Covenant Scriptures) and the Apostolic Writings (B'rit Hadasha or New Covenant Scriptures): We believe that the New Covenant does not do away with the Old, it fulfills and enhances it. Furthermore, to better understand the "New," a solid foundation in the Torah is needed. They are ONE book. Jesus and His Apostles quoted from the Tanach frequently. If they drew upon the foundational teachings of Judaism, then we would do well to understand this background to their teachings.


Sabbath, Sunday and Legalism

We at Sabbath Streams Ministries have no desire to resurrect or re-institute any form of legalism or dry ritual as a form of 'righteousness' or as a method of somehow attaining to a status of acceptance before the Almighty.

Our desire is to show, through the ceremonies and customs of Sabbath observance, a clear picture of God and of the role family worship can play in drawing us ever closer to Him.

By our practice and presentations, we are not attempting to address the question of Saturday as being the "true Sabbath" or whether or not Sunday is an accepted day of Worship. This is a question we wish to leave up to your own study and conscience. You may consult with many theologians and never come to full consensus on this.

We ourselves did not come to this place through theological debate. But as we have studied and observed the feasts, and as we have experienced in tangible ways the revelation of the Father and of His Son, Our Messiah, by the encouragement of the Spirit, our hearts have burned within us – telling us that there is even more.

As we have seen, through the traditions of these feasts, clear revelation, we have looked at what else the Hebrew traditions may have to teach us.

According to tradition, Sabbath is the Queen of all festivals. Rabbinical counsel considers it to be more important to remember the Sabbath Day than to participate in Passover or even Yom Kippur (the day which honors the Atoning Sacrifice for the nations.)

Jesus once said, "Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath."  This says to us that there is something in the observance of Sabbath that is for our good.

It is our desire to learn, through study and reenactment just what that good is, and to pass that learning on to others.


Current Elders

Sabbath Streams Ministries in an elder-led ministry.  Currently, our elders are:

  • Elizabeth Bass, Founder, Pastor, Teacher, Leading Elder,
  • Tammy Westlake, Advising 
  • Jaynie Wright, Dance leader, Visual Arts
  • Craig Bass, Webmaster, Multi-Media
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