A Month of Special Gatherings!

Why do we study and observe the festivals?  Because they are God's festivals.  Because they are appointments with God.  Because they help us better understand the Gospels and the letters of the Apostles.  The festivals are God's revelation of His plan for our salvation.


The Hebrew month of Elul is a time of preparation for the new Hebrew year and the prophesied coming of Messiah. Join us during this special time as we prepare ourselves for the return of Messiah Yeshua (Jesus) with a fresh understanding of the Times and Seasons of the Festivals of God.


Messiah in the Festivals I


Workshop I
Introducing the Festivals and Times: Our Special Appointments with God.

Workshop II
The Spring Festivals: The Finished Work of Our Messiah, Yeshua

Workshop III
The Fall Festivals: The Future Work of Our Messiah, Yeshua


Messiah in the Festivals II

Workshop IV
Hanukkah:  Shining the Light of Messiah

Workshop V
Purim:  Living the Life of Messiah's Righteousness

Workshop VI
Tammuz and Tisha B' Av  Interceding for Messiah's People and Return

Messiah in the Festivals III

Workshop VII
Rosh Chodesh:  Counting the Months with a Prophetic Eye!

Workshop VIII
Sabbath: God's Joy in His Regular Rest for US!!

Workshop IX
Celebration's Role in our Worship: Dance and Flags and Food!!


A DVD set of these workshops is now available to those who would like to have one.  Note that due to licensing restrictions, DVDs do not include the Worship (music and dance) portion of each workshop (exception: songs written by Elizabeth or otherwise used by permission).  Please let us know if you would be interested in receiving a DVD set so we can plan for an appropriate quantity to produce.  A donation to help cover production and postage costs would be appreciated; the suggested donation amounts listed below are based on our costs for materials and production.  We are a very small ministry, so any donations help!

DVDs are available for individual sessions, weekends or as a full set.


  • DVDs (Video with Audio)
    • $8 each
    • $20 for set of three (one weekend)
    • $50 for set of 9

Add $2.50 shipping and handling per order.

We can also make DVDs available of our regular Worship and Word Services for a suggested donation of $5 per CD plus postage and handling.

Please note that these are suggested donation amounts based on our expense in printing, duplicating and packaging costs.  We are a small ministry with a small budget but a BIG vision.  If we have been a blessing to you, please consider blessing us with your financial support.  Thank you!

When you checkout, during the PayPal checkout process there will be a place where you can "Add special instructions to the recipient." In this field, please specify what you are ordering from the following list:



  • Complete Workshop Set of 9 DVDs
  • Weekend I Set of 3 DVDs
  • Workshop 1 individual DVD
  • Workshop 2 individual DVD
  • Workshop 3 individual DVD
  • Weekend II Set of 3 DVDs
  • Workshop 4 individual DVD
  • Workshop 5 individual DVD
  • Workshop 6 individual DVD
  • Weekend III Set of 3 DVDs
  • Workshop 7 individual DVD
  • Workshop 8 individual DVD
  • Workshop 9 individual DVD

Weekly Worship and Word Services (specify date)


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Interested in learning more background about why we study and observe the festivals? Click here!

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