meetings with moshe zilverbergThere Is Hope: Meetings With Moshe

In the videos below, see and hear the testimony of a man named Moshe Zilverberg, a Messianic Jew, who was miraculously saved and delivered by Yeshua (Jesus), from a life of druidism, witchcraft, sin, and addiction. His life was steeped in new age practices, but God so loved him so much that He saved him and called him into ministry to serve in the Kingdom of God.

Wednesday, May 24th: Music and Moshe’s testimony of his life in the occult and addictive lifestyle. How God visited and saved him from certain death and a path leading him to hell.

Thursday, May 25th: Music and Moshe’s testimony on how God visited and delivered him from the occult, addictions, new age attachments, and demonic possession. How God filled him with the Holy Spirit and called him into ministry.

Friday, May 26th: Music and Moshe’s testimony on how God visited him after 15 years of ministry and revealed the Sabbath and its relevance today in a believer's life. Followed by a Sabbath Evening candle lighting service.

Watch expecting to be touched by God,
encouraged as a believer,
saved, set free, healed and delivered.


Services Recorded on Video

 Wednesday – Friday
May 24th - 26th
at 7:00 pm each evening


Wednesday, May 24th



Thursday, May 25th

Friday, May 26th


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