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Are you following the story? The benefit of being the reader is we know things the characters in the story don't ----
There are a lot of things Joseph and his brothers do not know in today's readings, called:

Miketz — מקץ "From the end"

TORAH: GENESIS 41:1-44:17
GOSPEL: LUKE 24:13-29


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About our Services

Elizabeth Darby Bass, Teacher and Leading Elder at Sabbath Streams Ministries, brings the weekly Shabbat message. We try to record each service and make them available online, but that isn't always possible. Additionally, from time to time we record our other meetings and celebrations for those who cannot attend.  We would appreciate your feedback on how we can improve our video presentations.

All songs and music is presented under CCLI License #3094914 or with permission of the song writers.  Podcast/Broadcast License #CCLI CSPL051838.

(Our videos are hosted on YouTube. Occasionally YouTube will insert ads into our videos. We have no control of whatever advertising content YouTube may embed with our videos.)

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