Fields for Gleaning

We find that we are Ruths — Gentiles who have fallen in Love with the God of Israel.  Ruth was also a gleaner — and as Ruths, we have become gleaners as well. In our case, we have gleaned from many different fields. While some fields have provided more than others, and while we do not take home everything we find in every field, it has been as we have prayerfully gleaned, that we have met our Redeemer in ways we never knew Him before.

Here is a partial listing of some of the sites from which we we have gleaned.

We hope that by providing these to you, you will follow us into these fields as well. There is so much to be found, so much to be searched out. More than enough for us all.


Messianic Resource Sites (each link opens in a new tab)

Ancient Hebrew Research Center:

Congregation Beth Adonai:

El Shaddai Ministries:

First Fruits of Zion:

Founded In Truth:

Glory of Zion International Ministries:

Hebraic Heritage Ministries:

Hebrew for Christians:

His Israel:

Jacob's Tent Fellowship:

Joined to HaShem:

Restoration of Torah Ministries:

Shoreshim Ministries:

The Ancient Bridge:

The Messianic Hour:

Torah Portions:


Traditional Jewish Sites, The Jewish Website:

Chabad Lubavitch- Torah, Judiasm and Jewish Info:

The Judaism Site:


Other Ministries with which we are personally involved

For His Glory Dance Troupe:


Other Ministries and Resources we recommend:

Holy Language Institute: (If you subscribe, be sure and mention that you were referred by Sabbath Streams Ministries!)

Marg Mowczko on biblical equality between men and women:

Messianic Dance Camps International with Ralph and Mindy Seta:

Patrick and Christine Lumbroso:

The Chosen is the first-ever-multi-season TV show about the life of Jesus. Created outside of the Hollywood system, The Chosen allows us to see Him through the eyes of those who knew Him:


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