Dear Friends and Family,

On Sunday, August 28th, we begin the daily sounding of the shofar from the sanctuary here at Sabbath Streams Ministries. It is the annual reminder that the Fall Festivals are almost here. It is the announcement of a quickly approaching new year and soon coming return of our King. And it is the call for us to pay attention, to wake up, to refocus our hearts and our minds and our lives. It is the cry to return to our maker, our God.

     Yeshua said that the greatest commandment is to love the Lord your God, with all your heart, with all your mind, and with all your strength. And the second is to love your neighbor as yourself. This is the season where we come and ask HIM to help us search our hearts to see if we are living out these commandments. This is the season where we hear the call to return to our first love in preparation for His imminent return. These days leading up to Rosh Hashana/Yom Teruah include a forty day process of self evaluation. In this season we search our hearts, reaching out to God and to others, making right not just our spiritual realtionship but our human relationships as well. We take the instructions of Rabbi Shaul/Paul seriously when he says In Romans 12:18 “If possible, so far as it depends on you, be at peace with all people.” 

     We are called to be different from the world around us. While the world seeks retribution, we cry out for God's justice AND for mercy in that justice (Habakkuk 3:2.) As we approach the festivals and this new year, let us remember the grace of God for us and for those around us. We have been forgiven much, and in that light we extend mercy and forgiveness to others.

     The Hebraic year that is beginning at sunset on September 25th, is a pivotal year. It is the culmination of the seventh year, and the beginning of the 50th year. (Deut. 15: 1-11 & Lev. 25:9 & 10) At the conclusion of the Sabbatical (7th) Year, the poor are to be released from any debt, and in the keeping of the Yovel (50th) Year, all inheritances are to be returned to their original families. Can you even imagine what this would be like or how it would work?

     תשפ״ג  It will be the year 5783, In Hebrew '83 is written with the letters  Pey - Gimmel. As we approach this next year, we know that God wants to call us ever closer to Him. And He is speaking always to us through His Word, and through His Holy Spirit. All of this and more is pictured in these letters

     As we return to Him yet again, as a ministry, we are also returning to practices that have been part of our roots. This past year we read through the Gospels and Acts, This coming year, we will be returning to the Torah Portions, but with an eye for what the Spirit will show us of our Messiah and of His Spirit. So you can expect lots of Apostolic Writings to be used in understanding what we read.

     We are also returning to the way we first celebrated the new months. Our Rosh Chodesh gatherings will again be on the Sabbath Evening that precedes each new Month, with our shared family meals being on that same day.

     And as we prepare for the Fall Festivals, watch for more announcements regarding specific information for Tashlich, and possible baptisms. As usual, we will also host a day of prayer for Yom Kippur and a breaking of the fast that evening. But watch for possible changes in the celebrations for Succot. We will do our best to keep the announcements up to date on the web page and in our postings on Facebook. And remember, you can join most of our regular services in person, on our Facebook page or on our YouTube channel. -

Be blessed!

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