Love the Way God Speaks when we Worship

I got something during worship this morning.... an epiphany of sorts. We discussed yesterday the attributes of God and the primacy of the Holiness of God. We discussed how so often is seems as if we get so wrapped up in the love of God that we forget His holiness. This morning, as worship was taking place, as it was called out, "let us sing the songs of heaven," and I heard the "Holy, Holy, Holy" and the "Worthy are you Lord" and the song was shifted, too quickly I thought, to "I could sing of Your love forever" my mind suddenly had this realization press its way through . . .

The primary Attribute of God is Holiness. This is the attribute that when declared before the Lord is repeated three times.

  1. The emphasis is clear; God is before and above all things HOLY. And yet it is not about this attribute that mankind most often sings. Maybe there is a good reason for this. Maybe the reason goes beyond our own feelings and desires; maybe it is because our song is a unique song, a song which only mankind can sing.
         Only mankind sings of the love of God.

         Only mankind is privileged to experience the depths of the love that God is.

         The living creatures cry “Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God Almighty.”

  2. The Elders cry “You are Worthy.”

  3. The angles in heaven cry “Worthy.”

  4. And every living creature in heaven and on earth, join the song crying out “praise, honor, glory and power forever and forever.”

  5. It is mankind, here on earth that cries out – declaring the LOVE of God.

    It is towards mankind that the loving-kindness, the compassion, the graciousness and the deep, deep love of God is declared.

  6. God’s love is and always has been uniquely aimed at mankind.

    The garden was created for mankind.

    The covenants with Noah, Abraham and Moses were all made with men and for the benefit of mankind.

    Salvation is for US, for mankind.

    God’s holiness is clear to all that is in Heaven and on earth, but His Love has been made clear to us. We and we alone are privileged to sing the song of love in the midst of the Glory of God. Jesus came so that mankind might be redeemed so that God might show His grace, His love in the coming ages.

  7. So let us sing our song of Love, let us declare the great great love of God. Let us take our place among the Heavenly band and sing OUR song – the song of redemption, THE song of Love.

    1. Isaiah 6:3, Revelation 4:8

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    6. Exodus 33:19

    7. Ephesians 2:6 & 7

Elizabeth Darby Bass
June 6, 2010

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