On speaking God’s Promises

We are a pampered people But God will not spoil us

"If you remain in my word . . .

you will know the truth and the truth will make you free"

John 8: 31 & 32

Truth with-out freedom brings the chains of legalism

Freedom with-out truth brings the chaos of licentiousness

My word blends the truth of my law with the freedom of my love

so that there is a balance.

If I give you truth without your remaining in my word,

you can not handle it with grace.

If I give you freedom without your remaining in my word

then you can not handle it with reverence.

Go ahead, declare a releasing of Truth over my people,

it is a promise I have made to them.

Go ahead, declare a releasing of Freedom

it is also a promise I have made

But be careful to teach the need to remain in my word with those declarations

Be aware when declaring my promises over people.

That many of my promises have conditions attached,

And that I cannot fulfill the promise until the condition is met.

If you do not teach the condition

You are giving an impossible vision, a false hope.

Without vision the people perish but hope deferred makes the heart sick

and hope that is false leads to




And even sometimes the death of faith.

My conditions are not hard . . . They are for your good

They prepare you for the fulfillment of my promises

They make you strong enough to handle the weight

of all the promises that await you.

Just like continuing in my word balances truth and freedom

Fulfilling the conditions of my promises brings balance to your life

and gives you the strength to walk fully in my promise

without faltering or failing.


Elizabeth Darby Bass
May 14, 2008


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