Cloudbursts from Heaven

The song was sung:

Let it Rain, Let it Rain ... Open the Flood gates of Heaven:

and the new song came:
Send us a cloud burst
We want a cloud burst
We need A desert rainstorm
We want your water L-rd - - your water is life
We see the rainbow in the cloud
And the water in the cloud is glory
the water in the cloud is healing
Send us a cloud burst
A desert rainstorm O L-rd
With the thunder and the lightning and the rainbow

The thunder from your throne O L-rd
In the cloud are the waters of life
Send the them down on us oh L-rd, Over us
In this cloud are the waters of life
Let it rain
And let it pour
Over us
The storm is coming
The storm is coming
Don't be afraid of the storm
There is thunder in the rain
There is thunder in the air
And the lightning strikes
And the fire falls
And the glory – fill the land
We want your rain
Fill the rivers up L-rd
We want your rain
We want your rivers L-rd,
The water in the cloud is the water of life
And we want you L-rd, to pour it down

and the word came:
The water is coming
It is coming down off the mountains
where the river is being filled
with the waters of God
If you are asleep in the gully
you will be washed away
But if you know it is coming
If you know it is coming
If you know it is coming
You can drink of the water of life
do not be asleep in the dry beds
be awake
be watchful
know that the Spirit of God is releasing
He is releasing a downpour
He is releasing a thunder storm
And there is thunder and there is lighting
And where the lightning strikes there is fire
And that fire goes out
And that fire cleanses and that fire does what fire is supposed to do
And it purifies the land
And were the fire goes the water follows
and new life grows
New life, New life
And there will be healing in this new life


Elizabeth Darby Bass
May 25, 2008


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