Flowers In Her Hair 

She sits at the corner with flowers in her hair
and wonders just how in the world she got there
and what is she looking for
and what will she see
and why does the sight of her so bother me.

What is it about this place and this day
what do the scrawled words on that sign she has say
and what does it matter
and what do I care
about the girl on the corner with flowers in her hair

but something attracts my eyes and my stare
and somehow I know that I really should care
she's somebody's daughter -
she's somebody's child
sitting there looking a little too wild


It's cold and it's snowing and yet she is there
old coat, old shoes, and the flowers in her hair
and what can I do now
and what can I say
as I wonder if she's got food for today

and I wonder does she have a bed for tonight
and I see that she has survived quite the fight
yet she smiles in the wind
and she smiles in the rain
and the smiles as she hides from the crowd all her pain


and with flowers in her hair
and a smile on her face
she takes up the corner,
as it's now her place

elizabeth darby bass



Dear Friends and Family,

On Sunday, August 28th, we begin the daily sounding of the shofar from the sanctuary here at Sabbath Streams Ministries. It is the annual reminder that the Fall Festivals are almost here. It is the announcement of a quickly approaching new year and soon coming return of our King. And it is the call for us to pay attention, to wake up, to refocus our hearts and our minds and our lives. It is the cry to return to our maker, our God.

Rejoice in your hope, be patient in your troubles, and continue steadfastly in prayer. Romans 12:12 (CJV)  

Summer 2022 

This is more a personal letter than a ministry letter. And it will be longer than what we usually send but  we want to be honest here and share some of what we have been going through personally, because all  that we go through personally affects this ministry publicly.  

Whirlwind – Peace Be Still

Her whirlwind life is taking its toll
It's beating her body, her mind, and her soul
and the hardest part is,
She doesn't know
She sees no other options. No other way.
She just keeps piling it on every day.
And every day feels harder than the day before
and everyday her heart breaks down, just a little more. 

The Word for 5782

29th of Elul, 5781
Monday, September 6

Yesterday, I had planned on a down day. When I have had a busy season, or am entering one, I often plan a day where I don't have to go anywhere or do anything. I get dressed when I want to and I just sit and relax. Those were my plans for Sunday. But even before I was home from a very busy, very challenging but rewarding Sabbath day, I heard the gentle voice inside me say, "you are going to church in the morning."

Elul thoughts - Day 1: Ruth 1, John 1

August 9, 2021                                                                                      1 Elul 5781

Reading: Ruth 1 and John 1

It's Who You Follow

Ruth followed after Naomi -even though it didn't look like a wise choice to make.
Naomi had nothing left to offer this young woman. But Ruth loved her. So, even though she was going into “enemy” territory, with no promise or hope of benefit, because she loved Naomi, she went.

Love the Way God Speaks when we Worship

I got something during worship this morning.... an epiphany of sorts. We discussed yesterday the attributes of God and the primacy of the Holiness of God. We discussed how so often is seems as if we get so wrapped up in the love of God that we forget His holiness. This morning, as worship was taking place, as it was called out, "let us sing the songs of heaven," and I heard the "Holy, Holy, Holy" and the "Worthy are you Lord" and the song was shifted, too quickly I thought, to "I could sing of Your love forever" my mind suddenly had this realization press its way through . . .

Musings on Life's Pain and God's Love

Musings on Life's Pain and God's Love

I was awakened early this morning with thoughts revolving around our confusion between God's love for us and the painful events that life seems to be full of.


It was an early Sunday morning, and I was sitting, sipping my coffee and watching out the window as swirls of snow began to blow around in the wind and melt on their way to the ground in a wild late spring snowfall.

As I was looking, I thought of all the unrest of the last few weeks. All the people crying and protesting and arguing and fighting.

Thoughts from Habakkuk

When there’s no earthly reason

I’ll still rejoice

when sad is the season

 I’ll still rejoice

‘cause true joy is found

on holy ground

and not in the things of the earth

The Heat's Been Turned Up

The heat's been turned up
The winds are blowing
The rain is on its way
As the thunder clouds form
Prepare for the storm
Something tells me it might be today

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