Blessing the Month: Rosh Chodesh


Celebrate with us at 6:00 pm on the Shabbat before each new Hebraic month a Birkhat HaChodesh, Blessing of the Month enjoy a family meal, a time of worship, a sharing of the blessings and lessons found in this month and in the tribe it represents, and hear the sounding of the shofar.



 Tishrei September. 16th
Wednesday, Sept. 20th

Cheshvan October 21th
Saturday, Oct. 21st

Kislev November. 18th
Sunday, Nov. 19th

Tevet December. 16th
Mon/Tues, Dec. 18th & 19th

Shevat January. 13th
Wednesday, Jan 17th

Adar February 10th
Thurs/Fri, Feb 15th & 16th

Nissan March 17th
Shabbath, March 17

Iyyar April 14th
Sun/Mon, April 15th & 16th

Sivan May 12th
Tuesday, May 15th

Tammuz June 9th
Wednesday, June 13th

Av July 7th
Friday, July 13th

Elul August 11th
Sat/Sun, Aug. 11th & 12th



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